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  • October 2014

    • Don't miss the Winter Semester lecture on Ontologies by Prof. Schütz.

  • September 2014

    • A new BLG project has started in our Connected Enterprise branch, and an indepth description will follow on our Projects Page...

  • August 2014

    • The Summer Semester at Saarland University has finished, and the Winter Semester will bring an exciting proseminar on Ontologies presented by Prof. Schütz.

    • XLIFF 2.0 has been accepted as an OASIS standard (see July belwo).

  • July 2014

    • The final ballot to vote the XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) v2.0 as an OASIS Standard is now open and will close on Aug 5th, 2014. The live page is here:

      If you work for an OASIS organizational member or have contact with one, it would help if you bring this ballot to the attention of its primary representative. Simply spreading the word can also help the standardization process.

  • May 2014

  • April 2014

  • March 2014

    • Don't forget to register for the MultilingualWeb Workshop in Madrid (see the links below).

  • February 2014

  • January 2014

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