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Bionics is an artificial compound word of Biology and Electronics and names an interdisciplinary science branch which today receives an ever increasing recognition, and which plays one of the scientific key roles in the 21st century.

The idea is quite simple: Systematic information gathering, knowledge deduction and evaluation on structures, functions, processes and strategies from nature to deploy this knowledge for the development of modern high technology.

In the international context, the term biomimetics is often used to describe the disciplin, but meanwhile the term bionics got this momentum too.

Information Bionics is a subfield of bionics within computer science, and deals with the means to record, distribute, store and process information in biological systems, e.g. the information and memory processes within the human neocortex or the manifold new insights in the field of epigenetics, as well as with possible interfaces between artificial artifacts and living systems, e.g. on a cell level.

Recently, this interaction process was termed Bio-ICT Convergence, and it was also selected as one of the research and development topics of the R&D Programs of the European Commission.

If you want to learn more about information bionics and our work in this exciting field then please contact us (email: dialog(at)bioloom(dot)). In the future, this bioloom group page will be also the location for details about our information bionics based R&D. So please keep an eye on it...

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