Anniversary 2011:

“10 Years bioloom group”

In 2001, a peak was reached in the field of controlled content development, and linguistic intelligence found its economic entrance into technical documentation within the automotive industry as well as the software and hardware industry. At that time as the director of IAI Saarbrücken the bioloom group founder Jörg Schütz also convinced, in addition to German enterprises, the US company Sun Microsystems Inc. in California to integrate the language technology of IAI into their documentation and translation processes.

Starting with SunProof* for Sun and later CLAT* (Controlled Language Authoring Technology) for all German enterprises such as for example Boehringer, BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Volkswagen, etc. the vision already existed to combine linguistic und statistical approaches and to accomplish self-optimization within business processes through semantically modeled feedback cycles. The idea was to build a completely Web based eco-system of all language related resources and enterprise processes.

Since in January 2001 neither semantic technologies nor the evolution of the World Wide Web architecture was ripe for an industrial enterprise deployment, the international network bioloom group was founded to allow for further independent research and development on the vision of a Web based language eco-system, and to combine this vision with intelligent process management and process automation. Further inspirations followed with observations and comparisons from nature, in particular the analysis of information processing in humans and other living organisms. With the name “bioloom” this direction was already established in the company name of our network, and with the concept of information bionics the bridge was built between the different disciplines.

In many small and large projects with and for national and international enterprises and research organizations the bioloom approach was successfully employed and implemented within the last 10 years. An essential aspect of these projects is to being always open for the employment of new technologies such as for example cloud computing and business process intelligence in relation with SOA and agility.

Today, bioloom group is a successful innovation network that in particular also supports and advices SMEs with the introduction of advanced and new technologies for effective and efficient communications across languages and cultural barriers.

In 2011, we celebrated with our customers and friends 10 years bioloom group, and together we are looking forward to the coming challenges in our exiting research and development field.

—  The bioloom group Team  —

* The product names “SunProof” and “CLAT” were both invented by Jörg, and even today many companies combine his name with these product names.

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